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Also available;

The Ultimate giftbox... for that extra look and always nice to receive.

Also available;

The Ultimate Miniset... 25ml tubes containing 6 different Malts.

From sample to bottle...


Like all Ultimate bottlings it starts with a couple of cask samples and a long session of nosing and tasting.

And then... it comes down to years of experience and recognizing a good malt with the potential of becoming a good bottling.

“The Ultimate” whiskies are bottled non-chill-filtered. This is done with the intention to keep all the original flavours inside.

Because no caramel is added, the colour of the whisky corresponds with the originating cask.

All bottles are numbered and on every label you can immediately see the distillation- and bottling date, the actual age, the cask type and the cask number.

“An honest and old fashioned quality single cask, single malt” according to the Van Wees  standards.


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